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Although the first cave photography was made already in 19th century, taking the pictures in the underground is still anything but piece of cake. Complex planning and preparation are just the beginning. Taking the pictures underground requires except the special equipment a considerable amount of courage, caving experiences, skills in lighting, but especially well-coordinated team of cavers. Speleophotography means a teamwork. The photographer usually need the assistance in transportation, arranging the scene and lighting. For the moment of pressing the shutter release button usually wait the cavers in the dark of underground sometimes few minutes, another time even a few hours… Let’s flash! So this one is really extraordinary!

Most of the Speleofotografia participants belong among the world elite in caving. Their masterpieces are increasingly moving towards to reproduce the dynamics of speleological activities. All sort of difficulties of discovery and exploration of caves show to us, that caving belongs among the most demanding, but also challenging and stimulating human activities. In addition to theme of abseiling of pits, overcoming of the underground rivers and lakes, or crawling narrow squeezings, the sense of beauty in detail is expressing too. Through the theme of static cave decorations – clusters of crystals, cave pearls, dripstone formations, shiny castles of ice… What surprises are still waiting in cave? 

The Speleofotografia is an international competitive exhibition of photos on speleological themes. Its aim is to present uniqueness of underground world, speleologist’s work as well as forms of life in caves. During the all previous years there were presented about 1,500 photos by authors from more than 20 countries around the world. Join us!

Lukáš Vlček

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